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MA TESOL Program


  • EDUC 601: Human Learning and Cognition (required)
  • EDUC 602: Instructional Systems Development I (required)
  • EDUC 625: Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL Students: Part I (required)
  • EDUC 636: ESOL Testing and Evaluation (elective - required for K-12 certification)
  • EDUC 644: Linguistics for ESOL Educators (required)
  • EDUC 645: Qualitative Research Methods (elective for thesis option)
  • EDUC 655: Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL Students, Part II (elective - required for K-12 certification)
  • EDUC 666: Cross-Cultural Communication for ESOL (required)
  • EDUC 667: The Grammar of American English for ESOL Teachers (elective - required for K-12 certification)
  • EDUC 670: Theories of Language Learning in the ESOL Classroom (elective - required for K-12 certification)
  • EDUC 672: Bilingualism (elective)
  • EDUC 673: Educational Technology for ESOL Teachers
  • EDUC 677: Teaching and Assessing Second Language Speaking and Listening
  • EDUC 688: Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (required)
  • EDUC 771: Analyzing Educational Research (required)
  • EDUC 791S: ESOL Practicum in Schools (required for K-12 certification)
  • EDUC 792L: ESOL Practicum in Schools II (required for K-12 certification)
  • EDUC 792S: ESOL Internship (required for non-K-12 certification students)
  • EDUC 794: ISD Project Seminar (required for non-thesis option)
  • EDUC 799: Master's Thesis Research (required for thesis option)

Internships and/or K-12 Student Teaching

The non-certification internship is a field-oriented experience in a setting consistent with the student's professional preparation and career goals. It provides the student with the opportunity to put into practice the skills and knowledge acquired in the program's courses. The internships lasts from 3 to 6 months and can be done in the United States or abroad. The program has internship agreements with institutions in Ecuador, Korea, Mexico, Bolivia and El Salvador. Some internships include paid round trip transportation and room and board. Internships can also be arranged individually by the student.

Students who add the K-12 ESOL Certification option to their program are required to do 2 semesters of student observation/teaching in K-12 ESOL public school programs in the Baltimore/Washington area. This internship is experienced at both elementary and secondary schools. Students who are employed as ESOL teachers can use their employment site to satisfy this requirement.

Thesis Research

Thesis option students develop a research proposal and write a thesis under the guidance of an advisor and several faculty members. Thesis students can do their thesis research in the United States or abroad. Many of our students who have gone on to doctoral programs have found their thesis experience helpful.

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