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MA TESOL Program


The full-time M.A. TESOL Program faculty specialize in a variety of fields related to language teacher education including applied linguistics, ESOL methodology, testing and evaluation, and instructional systems development.

Part-time faculty add a significant and important variety of professional expertise to the program. Together, the program's instructional staff have had considerable experience with K-12, adult, and university programs, both ESOL and bilingual, throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Doaa Rashed, Ph.D. (UMBC) (Program Director)
Intercultural communication, English grammar, TESOL methods, second language acquisition, instructional design
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Sarah J. Shin, Ph.D. (University of Michigan)
Bilingualism, TESOL methods, heritage language education, language policy
Dr. Shin's faculty homepage. 
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Jiyoon Lee, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania) 
ESOL/FL testing and evaluation, second language acquisition, linguistics
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Mary Tabaa, M.A. (UMBC) (Online/Off-Campus Coordinator)
English grammar, linguistics, instructional design, second language acquisition, TESOL methods
Mary Tabaa's faculty homepage. 
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Renee Burgos, M.A. (UMBC)
Intercultural communication, dual language immersion
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Elizabeth ChewLin, Ed.D.
TESOL methods
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JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall, Ph.D. (Georgetown University) 
Content-based language learning, second language literacy, language teacher education, first and second language writing, ESL in the community college
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Heidi J. Faust, M.Ed. TESOL (Director of TESOL Professional Training Programs, UMBC)
Intercultural communication, TESOL methods 
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Michael Glennon, M.A. (McDaniel College)
Educational technology, instructional design
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Colleen Grisham, M.A. (UMBC)
Reading and writing instruction
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Kate Hakeem, M.A. (UMBC)
ESOL and special education
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Laura Hook, M.A. (UMBC) (Maryland State Department of Education)
TESOL methods, project seminar
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Sherry Lyons, M.A. (UMBC)
Reading and writing instruction, adult ESOL
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Adriana Medina López-Portillo, Ph.D. (UMBC)
Intercultural communication, intercultural training, Mexican cultural studies
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Luis Pentón Herrera, Ph.D. (Concordia University Chicago) 
Instructional design
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Maria Reamore, M.A.
Internship supervision and instruction, reading and writing instruction
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Sara Rosen, M.A. (Boston University)
Internship supervision and instruction
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Yuliya Schmaltz, Ph.D.  
Speaking and listening instruction and assessment, adult ESOL Black Line
Ron Schwartz, M.A. (West Chester University)
Intercultural communication, Project Seminar
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Kara Silanskis, M.A. (UMBC)
Reading and writing instruction Black Line
Ray Terhorst, M.A. (UMBC)
TESOL methods, educational technology

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